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Existing technologies, such as blockchain and coin mining, are very useful and have remarkable new possibilities, but they are insecure, inefficient, outrageously expensive and consume an exorbitant amount of energy. Furthermore, millions of anonymous and unverified miners pose a potential security threat to the integrity of the entire system.  In fact, the biggest cryptocurrency hack in history occurred this year and yet no significant advancements have been made ensuring the security of crypto-assets resulting in billions of dollars in losses. With $1.1B worth of cryptocurrencies stolen in 2018, massive heists are plaguing the industry.  


Superior Security, Faster Transactions, Energy Efficient & Cost Effective

BLΔKFX solves the cryptocurrency crisis with patent-pending cryptographic technologies and differentiates itself from the competition with five layers of encryption, including two layers that provide quantum computing attack immunity. Making advancements in blockchain & the crypto-currency space, BLΔKFX has developed a comprehensive secure ecosystem, offering pioneering levels of crypto-asset security to support the $220B cryptocurrency market. Our secure software helps strategic partners launch crypto coins by reducing operational and liquidity costs, and build trust with superior security, while providing faster transaction speeds and liquidity. 

BLΔKchain is the fastest and most secure blockchain, produces real-time consensus, eliminates mining, is end to end encrypted and GDPR compliant by design. 

BLΔKwallet automates 5 layers of encryption to customize security for every user and device. 

BLΔKxchange addresses security and liquidity problems with a secure platform and distributed exchange for high-frequency trading of digital fiat and tokens. 

BLK247 is the new standard for ultra-secure coins that can be launched without risk of interception or theft. 

BLΔKcoin is the first hack proof digital asset. It is a platform token and universal store of value. 

With 18+ novel ideas, for which we are pursuing patent protection, we introduce advancements in security, transaction speeds, ledger synchronization, scalability and throughput. Our Next-generation technology will produce a product that is secure and energy efficient with no expensive mining or delays waiting for settlements.

Our technology protects against a host of threats including theft, interception, tampering and transaction denials with defense that is multi-threaded and multi-layered, end-to-end encrypted and immune to the quantum crypto attacks of the future.  By leveraging a patent-pending, modified blockchain technology, BL∆Kchain and BL∆Kwallet will provide additional layers of protection for cryptos and validate the integrity and authenticity of each user, wallet and transaction.  Launch your BLK247 coin on BL∆Kxchange, where all cryptocurrencies can thrive free of interception and theft.

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